NEW Chakra Dancing 6


Chakra Dancing Six is the sixth studio album in the Chakra Dancing music range. Collaborating with music producer and lyricist Susie from Susimusic, Lizzie and Susie have created different styles of movement to music to each chakra. Each instrumental soundscape from the root to the crown takes you on a World journey to showcase and pay homage to Global Traditional Sounds. Each track is lovingly created and averages seven minutes each, giving you the time to fully immerse yourself in the dance.




Stomp the Ground:

Crescent Moon:


Celtic Shakti Love:

Afro Blue Rhythms:


White Lotus:

Stomp the Ground: Root Chakra takes us to a deeper dive into our Mother Earth as we journey together with Native American drums, Congers, the African Udo drum bongos and incidental, sounds such as shakers and the clave.

Crescent Moon: Sacral Chakra Arabian nights and Middle Eastern influences shape this beautiful dance track, which includes the Turkish morning drum, Bossa Drum, Egyptian Daruka seed shakers, Egyptian finger cymbals, the Eastern Oud and Afghanistan Sand Rabab; stringed instruments to all compliment the evocative and intermittent male solo voice. In which he creates haunting mysterious vocal percussion Sanskrit sounds.

Sunshine: Solar Plexus takes you to a happy place in the South Americas and the influences here are very much the Cha, Cha, Cha and Rumba with an energetic beat with plenty of pelvic and hip movement. The Latin American theme inspired Susie and Lizzie to work with the Spanish flamenco guitar, Latin danza horn,  Brazilian sun zambuma, tango accordion, Brazilian repique Latin clan drum.

Celtic Shakti Love: Heart Chakra Susie and Lizzie create an ecstatic, fun, fast, uplifting Irish jig complete with Irish chiann harps and violins, percussion snaps and the beautiful female Irish lore voices to compliment this dance instrumental piece.

Afro Blue Rhythms: Throat Chakra takes us to the African Savannah and the sounds of various African Drums, African Zula kalimbas and Lion Axatse shakers. To compliment the warm tones of this out of Africa scenic instrumental soundscape, we connect to a choir of male and female African voices and a beautiful local chant giving thanks and gratitude to the heavens above. You too can join in the chorus sounds and feel the choir of love!

Mindfulness: Brow Chakra The ambient sounds take you to the mysterious misty morning mountains and fresh open landscapes and spaces with Celtic harps, Beltaine percussion, the lute, recorder and tin whistle. Perfect to connect to the breathe and slow body movement at the penultimate chakra.

White Lotus: Crown Chakra music has influenced Susie and Lizzie’s compass to point East. Reaching up to the heady heights of Mount Fuji in Japan, the mountain ranges of the Himalayas and Chinese influences, this slow graceful ambient soundscape showcases traditional East Asian instruments such as the Lotus Gazheng (Chinese plucked zither) dulcimer (table harp), Chinese Di Zi Flute and Congo drums. Perfect to connect to the breathe and slow body movement.