Chakra5Dancing is the 5th Studio Album in the Chakra Dancing music range. Collaborating again with Lizzie is talented music composer Barnaby Thorn. Each piece of music is over 7 minutes long and creates a panoramic film score and overview of each chakra






Solar Flare:



Vision Quest:


As Above so Below (Bonus Grounding Track):

Commencing at the base/root, track one  “Earth” sees the unfolding of deep, slow, rich earthy beats entwined with some large elongated synth tones. Lizzie and Barnaby are huge fans of acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer, and both felt greatly inspired by his latest Blade Runner soundtrack. Barnaby’s score has cultivated and nurtured an “awakening Earth” which lays the foundations for track two.  “Lunaray” at the sacral really gets the body moving: integrating electronic groove music with traditional and organic sounds, interspersed with Lizzie’s eclectic percussion instruments.

Solar Flare at the Solar Plexus is a punchy uplifting, trance dance electronica extravaganza, taking you to the happy sun clad climes of an all-encompassing Ibiza party complete with gospel organ! Moving to the heart track, “O2” sees a beautiful haunting orchestral string violin sound scape complete with piano and the beautiful rich overtones of the cello, poetic in melody: where your heart  can dance freely, skip a beat and flutter like a hummingbird! Lyrical in tone you cannot help but move your body to this parred back ambient  piece of music…. revealing your true authentic self.

Ascending into the next three tracks we arrive at the throat track, Stargate5. A metamorphosis of organic natural sounds played by Lizzie and carefully recorded by Barnaby. Barnaby has taken these ancient musical instruments and created an atmospheric meditative track with real sound surround feel: with the spotlight on Lizzie’s Himalayan and Crystal bowls, Bornean gong, South American bird whistles with over toning the voice to Om, the most sacred mystical mantra known to man.

“Vision Quest” takes us higher into the realms of the Third Eye: a subliminal chill out track with an orchestral symphony of strings, opening and ever expanding creating a nature landscape aesthetically pleasing to the Third Eye: with incidental natural organic sounds bringing the music alive to the wonders of our natural world.

At the Crown, track seven “Infinity” brings us full circle: as above so below. This is a timeless ambient classical chill out piece created with such reverence and gratitude to Prana or “life force”. Barnaby has lovingly layered angelic sounding synths to a backdrop of sea waves gently lapping at the shore. Coupled with delicate bird song, the archangels of the sky, and the warmth of the slow harmonica sounding synths this is a wonderful opportunity to come to rest, relaxation and savasana.

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