NEW 7Chakra Tribe Vibe


Immerse and bathe yourself in 7 vibrant organic soundscapes to rebalance your chakras.






Solar Plexus



Third Eye


This meditative, upbeat instrumental chakra workout commences at the Root to a warm tribal drum beat: instinctively the rhythm will have your feet moving to the “tribe vibe”. Hip swaying at the Sacral, feel the pulse at the Solar Plexus and a cardio workout with disco beats at the Heart.

The heavenly 3 higher chakras: Throat, Third Eye and Crown takes us into a paradise sound setting with natural sounds to create mindfulness awareness; complete with a sonic sound massage.

This Chakra Balance workout is just 32 minutes: long enough to tone your body, rebalance and hone your energy centres for Reiki/ Energy practice and mentally relax the mind to a peaceful place of wellbeing.

We recommend using either a PC, laptop or iMac to download your purchase. Please do not use an iPad or smartphone as we have had reports of customers not being able to find their download