Mindfulness Instructor Foundation Certificate for Chakra Dancing Graduates

with Mindfulness Teacher Trainer – Diane Stanton and assisted by Lizzie
Runs yearly

A wonderful NEW Diploma that offers graduates face to face mindfulness training, offering insightful awareness and increased confidence when offering clients a mindfulness session. The Mindfulness Instructor Foundation Course has been created to offer complementary health professionals to utilise the core practices of Mindfulness in their professional practice.  This course offers a unique opportunity to work in a student-centred group with a maximum of 6 participants. You will receive 1-1 guidance on becoming a confident and effective facilitator of key Mindfulness practices and Meditation.

Prior to the vocational training, participants will be required to complete the online training tasks set by Diane.

This course is a wonderful addition to the skills set of anyone working with the intention of serving the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being of others. The course is delivered with emotional intelligence – to share how we as health professionals can inspire others to help themselves. In order to take those steps into becoming what they want to be. You will be guided throughout your learning to create Mindful Living Changes in your own lives, as I believe we cannot truly teach these skills without first embodying them in ourselves. This course is unique, as it not only offers the skillset to share this with others, it also offers you an opportunity for true self-reflection and personal development through the Mindful Activities. You will be guided and nurtured throughout this experience for Mindfulness is a way of being and we will share this together in a small supportive group of like-minded individuals. Expect great personal development through committing to this course, for you are truly establishing that wonderful commitment to you own self-care which as a complementary therapist is key to your success.

3 day face to face trainingParticipants will learn how to teach Key Mindfulness Practices both to individuals and groups. This will be a 3-day face to face Course in Sussex in the glorious South Downs National park. You will also be required to complete Self-Study Mindfulness Practice and Tasks both prior to and following the face-to-face learning. You will receive a CPD Mindfulness Instructor Foundation Certificate upon completion, and add this qualification to your Balen Insurance.

Course Information, Meditations and Tasks will be sent out prior to the vocational training. These Tasks will be sent out every 3 days over a 2 Week Period prior to the Course. There will be 40 hours of home student centred learning. This will enable participants to acquire a good understanding of the key principles of Mindful Living practices prior to the face-to-face learning. The Foundation practical three day training will be a further 21 hours. Diploma total learning 62 hours.

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