October 2021 feedback to our 5 day face to face Chakra Dancing training

What have you enjoyed about the 5 day training?

All of it, the dancing especially. The people and the connections we have all made sharing intimate moments and the space created & held for us to do so has been as important as the training especially given this time of ascension & the reawakening. Sam

Absolutely everything. The wonderful holding & containing space in the barn. The beautiful connection formed with the other ladies and of course the wealth of skill, expertise, knowledge and wisdom of the teaching team. The deep connections starting to open up for me, thank you so much. Sarah

I enjoyed every single thing about the course. I appreciate that I could be a part of such an amazing group/course. Anita

The trainers, the participants and the venue. The ease & grace, the flow of the training and the interaction. Pushing past the comfort zones right from the start when we did the afternoon dance. The worktimes & facilities, the cards that was fab to bring in also the instruments been able to try them all. Sarah M

The sense of togetherness, the energy, the dancing and the music especially the Gongs. Meeting amazing people, being inspired, meditations also discovering more about myself. The excitement of the sense of endless possibilities. Sue

Everything, the venue, the beautiful ladies that have formed our sisterhood. The fact that theory was given out first & also the exam so that we weren’t bogged down with theory and could get straight into the bones of the teaching which is embodying the music & the dance. Clarrisha

Learning to be more creative & believing in myself. June

The depth & breath of content, connection within the group, creativity & safely containing the music, instruments and meditations. Natasha

The energy, tribe, Lizzie, Gina + Holly’s fabulous energy & teaching – friendships made. Lisa

What do you like about dancing/moving through the chakras and how do you feel afterwards?

Lizzie’s music alights very naturally with the vibration of each chakra & each one brings out different response in the body. I feel it’s a great way to help people connect with these chakras and start to understand how much of an essential part of our wellbeing they are. Sam

I like working my way up knowing about each energy centre and learning more & more about it. I like working on allowing the energy to flow freely, this is still a working process for me. I love that each chakra has associated music & movement that matches, feel different after each one. Sarah

I like the flow of the journey & that afterwards I feel really present in my body. Clarrisha

The music all of its excellent & fits in so well with the chakras. Feel really grounded in and feeling emotions, Joy, connection & sadness. Lots of the movement in and moving out so quickly. Sarah M

I love that I feel free to do whatever I feel like, there are no constraints and no judgements and I love the spirit within me. Afterwards I feel completely balanced. I feel my spirit has been notified. Sue

Feel relaxed, confident and joyous. June

Reenergised, reconnected, embodied, full of joy and emotion. Natasha

I like the music Lizzie has created, activities and all of the freestyle dance that are activated. Anita

Feeling the music through my whole body. The wonderful, powerful and dreamy music. I feel amazing after + empowered. Lisa

How is the standard of teaching?

Thank you for all the knowledge I received. I really feel like it was all of the best decision ever to come and be a participant. Anita

Wonderful. You are a mind of knowledge. Lizzie you are totally inspirational & giving you totally walk your talk which is refreshing. Clarrisha

Fabulous, really well presented with lots of love, kindness and genuine care. Sarah M

Amazing! Lizzie is so accepting and loving. She guides with such a loving touch and always makes you feel you are giving your best, I have learned so much. Sue

Awesome – June

Better than I could have expected. Soulful, beautiful, deep and connected. Natasha

Absolutely 100!– Sarah

Great – Sam

100% Fabulous – Lisa

As a light worker how is this training helping you to share with others?

I feel an enormous difference that has happen after these 5 days training. I’ve grown so much, charged my batteries up, I’m ready to come back and spread the light and free. Anita

It’s great to have a tool that’s easy to follow yet so much fun & relatable to all, even if people have no idea about the chakras. I like the fact that it will work anyway & will help their awakening also remembering who they are. The connection between us all and the earth. Sam

Getting more of an understanding of myself. Helps me to relate more to others and their energies also just being in a more uplifting, enjoyable modality is easier to spread the healing & joy. Clarrisha

Bringing more light, joy, fun and awareness in the body. Sarah M

I feel inspired to put together workshops working with the chakras. I like to work in a multi-disciplinary way and chakra dancing has opened up so many new ideas for me. Sue

It’s helped me open up, helped me with my confidence and to share everything I am with others. Lisa

Help me to communicate and express myself in a different language. June

I needed to release old contracts and pain & suffering and I knew this chakra dancing would enable me to do this and step into authentically & joy, and it has. Natasha

I feel like I’m at the start of my journey but I am thinking of some people in my life that I’d like to start teaching & dancing with. I will eventually hold my own sacred space for others, at Zen where they run disconnected, heal and find joy. Sarah  

Chakra Dancing Training feedback 21-25 November 2019

What have you enjoyed about the 5 day training in Sussex?

The whole experience – meeting beautiful souls and healing each other whilst training. R

Meeting Lizzie and a new group of like-minded people with beautiful hearts and souls. L

The collective journey & my own internal healing process. Meeting other inspirational healers and peeling back multifaceted layers of the chakras. B

Meeting so many beautiful souls, learning and having fun. J

Lizzie’s training, energy and loveliness and the whole course has been amazing. N

Everything, meeting everyone, dancing, learning, the healing barn and all the nature surrounding us. S

How important is it to you, to do practical spiritual energy work training through sound and movement with Lizzie?

Extremely important, it is the Creative Source in the Universe. This training has taken me to another level of learning. R

Very important – I have realised how important it is for me to be able to expand my energy field through this modality and I can’t wait to share it with others. L

It is my future career and life of encouraging other people around the world. Thank you and gratitude Lizzie for this new chapter of my life. B

It is my life! I feel it’s so important to embody our lessons. Share with others and help others on their ascension path. J

Very important and would love to teach others. N

It is vital as I learn by doing, seeing and immersing myself in taking my spiritual work to another level of understanding, and this course has enabled me to do just that! S

What you like about the creative guided meditations with Lizzie?

It allows you to visualise and really go deep into the session. R

Everything, relaxing, love the use off the cards and deities and messages within. L

It takes me to a different place every time. B

The visuals, the cards that then emerge into the meditations. J

Loved the angel cards. N

It takes you to another level

The sounds, guidance by Lizzie and the oracle cards. S

How is the standard of teaching?

Excellent 10/10 – lots of fun too R

100% L

100% outstanding B

Exceptional J

Excellent – out of this world. N

Beyond any expectation – fabulous S

How is this training with Lizzie helping you?

Given me confidence to go out and be a light in the world. Lots of tools to use and very professional. R

In every way! L

It gives me a new direction in my life and made me feel so happy and grateful. B

Confidence, embodiment & getting on with it J

I feel confident moving forward. N

More than you’ll ever know! I feel happier, more connected and energized. S

Module One 5 day training retreat May 2016

I would like to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have taught me these past amazing 5 days, not only have I learnt so much about Chakra Dancing but I have learnt so much about myself and my capabilities and I have gained self-confidence and self-worth and met lovely people. I feel more free in my mind, body & soul, and much more relaxed. The course was very well balance, not too fast paced. Lizzie was amazing, so welcoming and inspiring. Would definitely love to come back sometime to my new family. I will be ever grateful to you, for what you have given. You are a beautiful soul who lives to give to others. I have never met anyone who radiates so much love and kindness as you do, you are a truly amazing lady. Thank you for everything and guiding me in a new direction.  I will never forget my 5 days at the retreat, such a wonderful experience for life, to hold in my heart always xx –  Lita

What a fantastic experience, this dancing retreat has been fun. A self-doubting ninja has been transformed into a dancing bubble of joy! I have loved connecting with all the lovely participants and reconnecting with myself too. The pace was perfect. A profoundly healing time: I truly feel I have been reborn. Thank you so much! I look forward to dancing, playing & working with you – Callie 

I really enjoyed the course, I feel much more energetic & enthusiastic now. It was great doing dancing for 5 days and learning all of the different techniques. I loved the sound element and particularly the gongs. I can’t wait to finish module 2 and incorporate this with my other complementary therapies and work. Thank you so much xxx –  Nathalie

This has been amazingly gentle but powerful journey held in a safe, loving nurturing space, a true gem. I felt fragmented and had lost contact with passions & dreams. It has been 5 days of confirmations, guidance, laughter, love, joy and tears, music, fun and movement. I leave here today having re stepped back into my power and have felt the truth of my natural self. Ready to dance with the earth – May

Lizzie has a lovely way of speaking and very friendly and exciting. The most enjoyable for me was the 3rd day when we were playing all the different instruments together. My body started to heal and made such a difference from the 1st day. Very good work and absolutely helps people. I love the company and all the team, they were all very friendly. Keep going! xxx  – Anastacia

Really felt seen and included, loved the inclusivity and beautiful welcoming. Holly,  thank you for your essential behind the scenes support. I liked the openness of you Lizzie, loved access to instruments & sound. Grounding exercises very useful & positive – Sarah

Thank you!!! I have learnt so much about me as a person and what I am capable of as a person. So nice to connect with so many wonderful people. Lizzie is such an inspirational lady and such a great teacher, I can honestly say these 5 days have changed me in the most amazing way, confidence and self-belief is now with me forever xx Jonathan

I had an amazing time. The energy and welcome were well received. Passion and heartfelt intention were obvious and tangible. I really thought that I have become part of a sacred community and a special loving family. I felt the chance for everyone to lead one pacific aspect of the workshop was great and a very good learning tool. Great experience overall and I would recommend. Thank you! xxx  Deborah

2nd – 6th April 2014

What have you enjoyed about the 5 day practical training?

All of it!  Amazing and enlightening course, content, detail, pace all fantastic.  Support from Lizzie, Rosalyn and students amazing – never known a connection like it.  A lot of understanding gained regarding chakras in more detail  –  how powerful dance and music are in clearing and empowering. Judith

Seeing and feeling how we can heal through movement, dance, sound meditation.  All the ones to work as a Chakra Dancing creative meditation teacher. Teresa

I have enjoyed the teaching immensely and have learnt so much on every level.  I feel that the 5 day training has been not only a journey through the chakras – but a journey through ourselves on a deep level.  I feel this training has been invaluable to my growth as a person. Delia

What is there not to like?  I loved how the group came together the pace of the teaching and flow of the information was excellent.  While some of us were worried about it all coming together and it did!!  Rosalyn’s contribution was great. Sue

The blending of the physical with the spiritual vocational and practical.  I have felt like being on a retreat, very cleansing.  Being with like minded souls.  Being around fabulous energy.  This has broken the cycle of the usual routine.  Increased understanding of the chakras and how movement can shift you. Kathryn

Connection, friendship and growth.  Alongside learning.  Education on the chakras, body mind and spirit, but also the amazing chance to experience personal growth. Sandra

I have enjoyed the whole experience.  Such a lovely group.  We all shared, cried and laughed together.  The Chakra Dancing has been so interesting to learn.  I love the fact that I have managed to continue to heal; just like others in such a beautiful and sacred space, so thank you. Anita

Being with a group of like minded people on the same journey.  Being aware of my own strengths and becoming more confident.  Having fun together, personal growth, feeling strong.  The dancing was amazing and I learnt so much about the chakras, colours, and the links with the endocrine system.  Becoming the person I am me! Meditations, and the breath work. Music amazing. Sharon

At the moment it is difficult to pick anything in particular; the whole 5 days was an enjoyable experience. Rosabella

What do you like about the creative guided meditations?

Can go off to some amazing places, feel the connection with who you meet, can be at peace, no monkey mind, so relaxing and rejuvenating and can gain assurance to questions when asked. Judith

I love how easy it is to bring people into dream time with the gift of learning about one-self helping to move forward in our lives. Teresa

I enjoyed the way the creative guided meditation really took me on a special journey to a special place.  I haven’t done much guided meditation in the past – more just being mindful.  So this was a wonderful change and I am looking forward to using this in my own classes. Delia

Just having the time to be nurtured and to let go.  The visualisation wisdoms and gift were wonderful.  The falling asleep was a revelation! Sue

Has totally grounded me. Has quietened a very busy mind.  Has given me some me time. Kathryn

This really gave me a chance to trust in what I feel in a meditation.  I was totally able to embrace the journey through the creative words.  I felt very much at one. Sandra

I loved the meditation and it is fantastic timing after lunch.  The meditations were beautifully spoken / delivered by Lizzie which allowed me to be in the moment.  The cards were amazing. Anita

Become aware of the creative experience being able to process my own stuff very healing.  Aware of my own spirituality.  Again loved the music very easy to visualise the places we were taken too. Sharon

Challenging in that find visualisation a challenge but it is great to have a voice guiding us somewhere and permission to go to sleep. Rosabella

How was the standard of teaching?

First class and above – the guidance, positivity, compassion, understanding and empathy shines through. Judith

Perfect fun really good fee back lots of information. Teresa

Excellent – I found the combination of both Lizzie and Rosalyn was wonderful. Delia

Very high!  Loved the energy the possibility of the changes I can make. I’ve learned such a lot from both of you and from the others. Sue

Excellent of course!!  Great materials and CD’s – the music is truly fabulous. Kathryn

Excellent!  Well planned and delivered in a way we can an understand – delivered with love. Sandra

Loved it.  Well explained, lots of information very skilled and authentic.  Lizzie’s tone of voice, body language verbal and non verbal was excellent. The feedback was useful. Anita

Very good. Sharon

Lizzie and Rosalyn have their own unique and individual approaches.  Both are masters of their knowledge I admire the ability in them to respond and adapt to the situation as it evolves. Rosabella

How is this practical training helping you?

To be more outspoken to be more confident, to know I can let go, to learn to trust, to know I can help other people with another form of healing. Judith

Perfect fun really good feedback lots of information. Teresa

It has helped me in all aspects of my life.  Especially my own spiritual journey.  Also it has helped me to be able to teach free movement rather than just designated dance steps that I have taught in the past. Delia

I have become more alive – feel more confident about going forward with this in some way.  I am going to buy more colourful clothing and wear with pride. Sue

This has helped unzip and focus of some of my weaker areas – things that have been buried or unaddressed since my childhood and before.  I don’t have all the answers about how to resolve these areas but it has given me some time to think.  Processing will continue after these days and I have no doubt the answers will come about my continued journey of self improvement.  Taking and having the time to take down hints / tips and little nuggets of useful advice after CD from day one.  Sharing this has been invaluable. Kathryn

Personally it has given me confidence and self being in my abilities.  I can take life and make the baby steps I need to do to change things that are no longer serving me, whilst also using my passion, creative talents to teach and believe and deliver it with conviction and love. Sandra

This training has allowed me to build on my confidence, find my voice.  Also the feedback on slowing down my talk was useful. The training allowed me to feel safe, empowered and have belief in my abilities so once again thank you. Anita

It has helped me to believe in myself, gain confidence, know that my way forward is with movement, dance and creative meditation.  Speak my truth, my future is now complete, new ideas ways of working creativity. Sharon

Compared to the start I am now more grounded.  Hadn’t realised how far from the path I had strayed so much negativity! It is lovely to recognise and reach the place where I can let the need to look at emails go and with other parts of my life go. Rosabella

15th – 19th October 2014

What have you enjoyed about the 5 day practical training?

Lizzie and Rosalyn have delivered an amazing and innovative course in the most professional manner. Their guidance has been more than open-hearted and I felt fully supported by both of their energies throughout the programme. Ana

I have enjoyed every second of being here on this training course, the location, the people, the teachings, the lessons, feeling safe to express my thoughts + feelings. The feeling of togetherness, recognising everyone’s individual journey, I feel like I’ve extended my family. There’s a lot of love here and it’s a very powerful feeling. Jade

The sheer amount of information, the love received: the healing and sharing. A retreat study centre best describes my experience. The space it’s been held in and how organised it has been. Shar

I could see my improvement each day. I’ve enjoyed all of the dancing; going to a dance class with Lizzie on the Friday night was a great idea. I’m enjoying being with the girls, we were sharing ideas, experiences. Creative guided meditations with cards were amazing. Jana

The amazing beautiful space, the countryside, the barn, the connections with nature. The whole process, the journey of the Chakra Dancing training. The feelings of safety, love, compassion, empathy, self respect, self worth, honour, empowerment, emanating and being encouraged by each and everyone of us throughout the training. The guidance & nurturing love &support of Lizzie, Rosalyn & Holly. Tracey

What do you like about the creative guided meditations?

I loved the feeling of total trust to be able to let go and allow the higher guidance to work through me. I’ve found all the meditations very healing. Ana

The meditations give you what you need to achieve in that moment in time. Jana

I thought how beautiful and easy to follow they were. Shar

I like the simple, yet powerful visualisations and instrumental meditation music; it’s like having a story book read to you. It’s really peaceful and comforting. I enjoy relaxing watching the story play out in my head. Jade

I find it self empowering, I am discovering a depth to me, inner knowledge I have not been able to access before. I feel complete relaxation, inner peace, a sense of belonging and inner knowing which has given me  clarity of mind. Tracey

How was the standard of teaching?

Very high level of teaching! Perfectly articulated and demonstrated through the loving presence of both teachers. Ana

I love the way you teach, its professional, but also with the love and intention for everybody. Jana

Beyond excellent!! Shar

It’s a very high standard. Both Lizzie and Rosalyn are both very gentle loving people who I felt were like my mothers guiding me. I felt like I learned an awful lot here about myself, others, chakras, dancing etc. I feel like I’m going home with a vast amount of knowledge. Jade

It is of the highest standard, a deep sense of integrity, honesty and compassion at all times. It’s stimulating, motivating, inspiring and encouraging offering variety and exploration. Tracey

How is this practical training helping you?

This training has helped me to have a deeper acknowledgement of my spiritual and healing path. I also found it very empowering to share the experiences with like minded people. Ana

I feel more empowered as to where I am on my journey, I feel more self – confidence. Jana

In every way!! Shar

This training has helped me with personal issues I was holding onto from my past that I wasn’t aware of and that have been holding me back in life. I have been allowed to shed these off and allow myself space in a safe loving environment and now I want to provide this experience for others allowing them to realise their true self. Jade

To be grounded, centred & present, to recognise when I am not, to know when I am, to increase my awareness, to balance my emotional & mental body with my physical body. Its going to help, it’s helping me to make positive decisions and choices for me in my life right now. Tracey