Cacao Artistry for Chakra Dancing with Deya and Lizzie

South Downs National Park Sussex

A practical day of introducing Cacao Ceremony to your Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation classes & workshops

This unique tailor made day workshop is ONLY for graduates of the Diploma in Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation and can only be shared within this modality. For the first time, Deya will be offering training into the art of Cacao Ceremony, to facilitators of Chakra Dancing. In this one day training you will learn:-


The process of Cacao from seed to bean to bar.


How to prepare Cacao for ceremony, with respect and reverence.


Calling in the Spirit of Cacao to assist us, Deya will demonstrate and prepare you to hold safe and respectful space to share Cacao as a sacrament, as the perfect pre-curser to your Chakra Dancing offerings.


Demonstration of how to prepare the Cacao drink for ceremony, other ingredients and traditional recipes and tasting ceremony.


Chakra Dancing Chant© to Cacao, Cacao bindi, serving and drinking of Cacao, followed by meditation to ground into the Earth and Cacao to awaken the connection between our chakras.


Teachings on Cacao, history, stories, science, as well as teachings on the journey of cacao from seed, to tree to bean to bar.


Chakra Dancing Session with Cacao Ceremony.


Opportunity to buy high grade Cacao from Deya to use in your ceremonies.




Detailed Cacao PowerPoint presentation and guidelines for you to use for future reference.

This is a unique and special opportunity to receive the teachings of Cacao, a direct transmission from the Spirit of Cacao through Deya: blessing you with all you need to share Cacao alongside your Chakra Dancing workshops. Deya will also share stories, myths and her story of Cacao.

Deya experienced the power of Ceremonial Cacao in Palenque, Mexico in 2012. In 2013 she studied with Cacao medicine people in Mexico. She has been sharing Cacao in Ceremony in the Americas, Europe, India, Indonesia and Australia. She is passionate about bringing awareness of the nutritional and emotional benefits of Cacao, as well as mindfulness towards nature, ourselves and our community. Deya believes in the power of the plants, meditation, dance, breath and ceremony, to expand human consciousness, co-creating a world where nature and humans coexist in love and harmony. Read Deya’s bio below…

About Deya

Deya was born in Ecuador. She is a Cacao priestess, Chakra Dancing facilitator and Yoga Instructor, Tonic Herb Enthusiast, speaker and Nature’s advocate.

As a Cacao priestess, Deya listens and responds to the call of the Spirit of Cacao; sharing messages of joy and freedom. Is one who respects and appreciates nature, the fertile soil in which the Cacao Tree grows. Deya is a content creator, sharing her journey she inspires others to live their dreams. Deya also works with a cooperative in Ecuador exporting ceremonial grade Cacao, their aim is to help protect biodiverse farms and the people who care for them, whilst providing premium quality Cacao to the world. 

“Dearest Lizzie, I am beyond excited to collaborate with you and offer facilitators of Chakra Dancing the opportunity to share Cacao ceremoniously as part of their Chakra Dancing workshops.” 

Deya was so impressed with Chakra Dancing she decided to train with us in the Diploma and graduated in 2019! We decided it would be wonderful to collaborate and offer a bespoke training day entitled Cacao Artistry for Chakra Dancing.


Testimonials cacao artistry with chakra dancing

Thank you so much for the beautiful sacred loving knowledge of the Cacao that you have both shared today. It was just the immersion that I needed at this time it carry the magic of the Cacao forward to reconnect us to All that is. In deep gratitude to you both K

Feeling the amazing connection with Cacao and like-minded souls today.  Wonderful spiritual healing experience; loved the history of this sacred tree and sharing with others E

Heartfelt and authentic. Loved the whole day, felt so connected to the Cacao and expertly guided by the amazing Deya: then flowing so brilliantly into Chakra Dancing by the gorgeous Lizzie. Lovely way to spend the day and I cannot wait to include in my Chakra Dancing sessions M

I loved connecting with others + creating a space for intention and healing. Learning about Cacao and the origin & history and the ceremony. Connecting the ceremony with Chakra Dancing. Connecting + receiving messages with mother Cacao and receiving wisdom from her L  

Cacao Farmer in Ecuador

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